Fight Club Original Red Leather Jacket

Large leather biker jacket from the movie Fight Club is now available. Fight Club red leather jacket is the inspired leather jacket worn by Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in the famous movie Fight Club. This jacket is made exactly as original. It is designed and created with high attention to detail. We always make sure that every part matches the original as far as possible from the color to the stitching, high quality leather with a deep red lining. Stand out from the crowd in this exclusive Fight Club leather jacket that stretches and light on your body due to soft leather.

SKU: CLJ-1012-EN

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HeightA Height of Person165.0168.0171.0174.0177.0180.0183.0186.0187.0188.0
TOPB Neck Girth36.
C Sleeve Length55.156.257.358.459.560.461.262.162.362.6
D Chest Girth84.
BOTTOME Waist Girth72.
F Hips Girth86.
G Crotch to Ground76.477.879.280.682.083.484.886.286.286.2

How to Measure


Height Of Person: Stand next to a wall, put a ruler horizontally on your head and mark at the point where the ruler reach the wall, measure the distance from the floor to the mark.

Top (Jacket, Coat, Vest)


Neck Girth: Just below your adam’s apple, take a skin tight measurement around your neck.


Sleeve Length: With arm relaxed at side and elbow slightly bent, measure from point of shoulder, and down outside of arm past elbow to wrist. As a guide, you should not make the tape too snug.


Chest Girth: This measurement is taken at the fullest part of your chest (across your nipples) under the arms, closely around the body.

Bottom (Pants, Chaps)


Waist Girth: Measure around the body at your natural waist level, normally 6 cm below your navel.


Hips Girth: Measure around your hips and buttocks at their widest point, make sure the tape is not restrictive. As a guide, when measuring, you only just be able to feel the tape. You should not make the tape too snug.


Crotch to Ground: Keeping the measure tape taut, measure from the lowest part of the crotch, down to the ankle bone.




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Product Description


Fight Club Red Leather Jacket Specification & Construction Details

Outer Shell:

  • Fight club leather jacket is made of 100% soft genuine leather.
  • 4 buttons before closing.
  • Fight club red leather jacket feature double white stitching.
  • External side pockets with buttons.
  • Fight club leather jacket is stitched with polyester thread.

Inner Shell:

  • Fight club red leather jacket is satin lined.
  • 2 interior pockets.

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